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    Buy blue orchids at Hennis Orchideen

    You can find blue orchids in our shop. They are rarely found in nature. Most orchids found in stores are colored.

    What does a blue orchid mean?

    Blue orchids are rare to find in nature and when encountered, they are of a pale shade of blue. That is why there are also orchids that are artificially colored blue. They are often given away as a symbol of peace and harmony. Above all, the color blue associates calm, objectivity, neutrality and thus brings a feeling of security and trust. But they are also generally a good gift.

    What are the blue ones called? orchids?

    The only naturally blue orchids that we have in our shop are of the Dendrobium genus. Colored orchids are mostly Phalaenopsis. However, these can lose their color after some time.

    How do you get orchids blue?

    Naturally blue orchids are rare, but there are several ways to either purchase ones that are naturally blue or have been artificially dyed blue. There is also the option to color them yourself. To do this, simply pour water over the white orchids with a special color (ink or food coloring).

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