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    Purple orchids come in a variety of shapes and shades of purple. It doesn't matter whether it's bright pink, a soft pink or a dark purple. The purple orchids always attract attention with their radiance. We therefore offer you a large selection of different purple orchids.

    What does a purple orchid mean?

    Purple orchids are commonly gifted for their relaxing, meditative effects. The color purple stands for spirituality and imagination in the spirit. This is why you can also find them in medical practices and other therapy practices. But it is also a good gift in general, as its bright appearance makes it nice to look at.

    What are purple orchids called?

    The classic purple orchid is probably the purple phalaenopsis. But regardless of that, there are many other genera with purple orchids. So some belong to the genus Dendrobium, others to Vanda. There are other genera with purple orchids.

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