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    hardy outdoor orchid, also called orchid

    Bright, best with morning sun. For locations in the home garden that must not be heavily fertilized, as well as for rock gardens, planting along the banks of ponds, swamp beds that are not constantly too wet, trough planting, but also for planting in cemeteries
    suitable. Once the plants are established, they tolerate spring moisture as well as summer and autumn dry soil quite well and can sow themselves if the location suits them.

    Necessary from the start of growth in spring to the end of flowering in dry conditions! On cool days from September, the roots of the new shoots on the tuber will start to grow again and should be watered.

    Orchid fertilizer is best. In the spring weekly until the specified
    use concentration. Only fertilize when the soil is moist; otherwise pour beforehand. In autumn, when roots start to grow, apply orchid blossom fertilizer in the indicated concentration 2-3 times at weekly intervals.

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