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    Buy rare orchids that are not found everywhere. In addition to the common orchids that can be found in garden centers, you can also find rare orchids that are especially suitable for collectors and orchid lovers.

    There are well over 20,000 different orchid species and an indeterminable number of varieties. It is therefore obvious that only a fraction of these orchids are available commercially. In garden centers and supermarkets in particular, you will usually only find the common orchids and not the rare ones.

    You can also buy rare orchids from us that are not mass-produced. We only have one or two of many of these orchids left and some of them will not be produced again. So if you want one of these orchids, act quickly.

    Rare orchids include the Dracula cordobae, the Dracula vampira, the Ancineta humboldtii and the Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis. In addition to these rare orchids, you will also find many other unusual orchid species here. These are characterized by their special shape or unique color and look particularly impressive in your home.

    So if you want to buy unusual or rare orchids, you will definitely find what you are looking for here.

    8 products
    Psychopsis kramerianum
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    Peristeria elata
    from €59,50
    Sophronitis coccinea
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    Phragmipedium kovachii
    from €89,50
    Laelia lobata
    from €49,50
    Epidendrum ciliare
    from €49,50
    Arpophyllum giganteum
    from €49,50
    Paphiopedilum esquirolei 'select'

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