Orange Orchids

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    5 products
    Renanthera monachica
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    Ada aurantiaca
    from €19,50
    Epidendrum pseudepidendrum
    from €15,50
    Ornithidium coccineum
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    Liparis compressa
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    Buy orange orchids at Hennis Orchideen

    We have orange orchids in all forms. We also have orange orchids that are combined with other colors. So there are orange orchids with spots other colors or those that have partially differently colored leaves. We try to provide as diverse a selection as possible.

    What does an orange orchid mean?

    Orange orchids are often given away as a token of friendship. The color orange associates warmth and has a mood-enhancing effect. That is why orange orchids radiate optimism and sociability to a person. But it is also a good gift in general, because of its properties and vivid appearance, it is a good opportunity to surprise a person you have not seen for a long time.

    What is the name of orange orchids?

    The classic among the orange orchids is probably the orange phalaenopsis. But regardless of that, there are many other genera with orange orchids. Thus, some belong to the genus Cambria , others to Dendrobium lindleyi. There are other genera with oranges orchids.

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