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    Scented orchids are not only a feast for the eyes with their vibrant colors and unique shapes - they also offer an alluring olfactory experience. Although growers in the past have paid attention primarily to the appearance of the flowers, many people crave the scent of flowers. It is an experience that catapults us into the present moment and produces intense feelings of happiness. It turns out that the eye is not everything and that the nose is just as important. That is why the scented orchid is becoming increasingly popular with customers.

    If you would like to bring a scented orchid home and be enchanted by its scent, you should contact a specialist retailer such as Hennis Orchideen. You will probably come away empty-handed at the hardware store, as the products usually only include the standard orchid species.

    What makes orchids fragrant?

    Orchids are one of the most beautiful types of flowers and are very popular for good reason. But there is a special type of orchid that stands out because of its wonderful scent: the scented orchid. What makes them so special?

    Unlike most other orchids, this species has a distinct smell that can be very strong, as the orchid wants to reproduce at all costs. In nature, the scent attracts pollinators and ensures that the plant can reproduce. But not only that: the scent is also extremely pleasant for humans and is often used in perfumes.

    The months and times of day in which orchids smell vary. This is because the flowering times of different species are different and the pollinators are also different.

    Most scented orchids come from tropical regions and require a lot of care, but the effort is definitely worth it when you can enjoy the wonderful scent. As with all orchids, you should pay attention to their special needs regarding watering, fertilizing, etc. and seek advice from experts if necessary.

    What scent do orchids have?

    It is not possible to say in general terms what scent orchids have. Some plants have a pleasant, subtle scent that is very natural.

    But there are also orchids that have a very intense scent and therefore cannot be "oversmelled". The orchid flower can smell of spices such as vanilla or cinnamon and exotic fruits are also not uncommon as a scent.

    Since fragrance preferences are known to vary, it is worth taking a look through the range on offer.

    These species smell particularly

    Pure and unadulterated nature - the natural orchid species captivate with an intense scent that is often missing in cultivated varieties. The reason: a higher concentration of scent cells. But some newer hybrids can also score points with their scent, because through skilful cross-breeding of scented orchids, breeders have managed to develop varieties that are both prolific flowering and wonderfully fragrant.


    In the Phalaenopsis genus there are some plants that offer a fragrant surprise for the senses.

    The scent of the Phalaenopsis bellina with its pink and light yellow flowers is reminiscent of juicy lemons when you close your eyes.

    The situation is similar with the Phalaenopsis liodoro , because thanks to the inclusion of Phalaenopsis bellina, this hybrid also has a pleasant scent. It is unique and very intense, especially at midday. Its flowers have a lemony, fresh scent and are strongest when they receive direct sunlight.


    In the genus Maxillaria, there are some fragrant species, such as Maxillaria tenuifolia . Also known as the coconut orchid, this plant has its exotic origins stored in its floral aroma. When it blooms, it gives off hints of vanilla, lemon or coconut that will add an exotic flair to your home.


    Coelogyne is an exotic flower that, if well cared for, blooms in winter with enchanting, fragrant white flower spikes that are reminiscent of bananas. The orchid thus provides a unique scent experience!


    Among the Oncidum species there are also certain plants that impress not only with their appearance but also with their smell. In addition to the unique flower shape, they have a lovely, sweet scent reminiscent of vanilla in common.

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