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    4 products
    Epidendrum pseudepidendrum
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    Paphiopedilum thailandense
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    Eria albidotomentosa
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    Dendrochilum wenzelii 'green'

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    Green orchids are among the rare orchids. The color is not too common. Therefore, the selection for green orchids is also smaller than, for example, for red or white orchids. However, there is variation among them. The green orchids with spots are particularly popular .

    What does a green orchid mean?

    Green orchids are often given as get well wishes. The color green is primarily associated with nature and the associated freshness. That is why green orchids radiate health and happiness to a person. But it is also a good gift in general, because it makes everyone happy because of its rarity and its special appearance.

    What are green ones called? orchids?

    The classic among the green orchids is probably the green Phalaenopsis. But regardless of that, there are many other genera with green orchids. Some belong to the genus Paphiopedilum , others to Eria albidotomentosa and Dendrochilum. In addition, there are other genera with green orchids.

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