Yellow Orchids

7 products

    7 products
    Oncidium croesus
    from €14,50
    Paphiopedilum henryanum
    from €24,50
    Maxillaria porphyrostele
    from €15,50
    Dendrochilum tenellum
    from €14,50
    Mediocalcar decoratum
    from €12,50
    Dendrochilum cobbianum
    from €12,50
    Plectrophora cultrifolia
    from €14,50

    Buy yellow orchids at Hennis Orchideen

    We have yellow orchids in all forms. We also offer yellow orchids combined with other colors. There are yellow orchids that combine white and yellow or white and green .

    What does a yellow orchid mean?

    Yellow orchids are often given as gifts for their symbolism of joy and friendship, but they can also be understood as symbolism of separation. The color yellow stands for activity and energy in everyday life. That is why yellow orchids radiate creativity and inspiration to a person. But it is also a good gift in general, as it is used for feng shui at home or in the workplace due to its properties.

    What are yellow ones called? orchids?

    The classic yellow orchid is probably the yellow Phalaenopsis. But regardless of that, there are many other genera with yellow orchids. Thus some belong to the genus Lycaste , others to Oncidium. There are other genera with yellow Orchids, which you can find in the products below.

    Why do orchid leaves turn yellow

    If your orchid leaves are turning yellow, although you don't have a yellow orchid species, they may either have dried out, which happens with any plant, or something has gone wrong in the care of your plant. This can have several reasons, starting with the location of the plant, the temperature as well as the sunlight and humidity play a role. Furthermore, the plant can be damaged by watering too much. Other causes can be pest infestation as well as diseases.

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