Brown Orchids

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    3 products
    Paphiopedilum henryanum
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    Dendrochilum tenellum
    from €14,50
    Dendrochilum bicallosum
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    Buy brown orchids at Hennis Orchideen

    We have brown orchids in all shapes and color combinations. Rarely are they just brown. It is usually a combination of brown and yellow or brown and red. We therefore have the widest possible selection of different color combinations.

    What does a brown orchid mean?

    Perfectly brown orchids are rarely found in nature, but are more common in combination with other colors. The color brown is primarily associated with reliability and down-to-earthness. That is why brown orchids radiate a feeling of security, common sense and habit.

    What are the names of brown ones? orchids?

    Brown orchids come in different genera. They are available as Oncidium, Chysis or as Coelogyne. You can find more genres in the products below.

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