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    We have white orchids in all forms. We also offer white orchids combined with other colors. There are white orchids with patches of other colors or those that sometimes have differently colored leaves. We try to provide as diverse a selection as possible.

    What does a white orchid mean?

    A white orchid is often given as a wedding present. It represents purity and sophistication. It is therefore also suitable for similar occasions such as weddings, but is also a good gift in general.

    What are white orchids called?

    The classic among the white orchids is probably the white Phalaenopsis. But regardless of that, there are many other genera with white orchids. Some belong to the genus Cattleya, others to Dendrobium or the genus Paphiopedilum. There are other genera with white orchids.

    8 products
    Coelogyne cristata
    from €17,50
    Paphiopedilum 'White Lady'
    from €29,50
    Dendrochilum cobbianum
    from €12,50
    Paphiopedilum niveum
    from €17,50
    Paphiopedilum hybrid green-white
    from €27,50
    Scaphyglottis species
    Sale price €9,50 Regular price €14,50 Save €5
    Dendrochilum infractum
    from €14,50
    Masdevallia coriacea
    from €17,50

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