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    Light, but slightly shaded, without the burning sun.

    In summer during the day with sunshine 25-30°C, at night not below 17°C, in winter 15-20°C.

    In summer, always keep the plant material or roots moist, and spray the plants frequently with low-salt water (rainwater), especially when it is hot. Water a little more carefully in winter, but never let it dry out completely.

    During the growth phase from March to October every 14 days with orchid fertilizer
    Do not fertilize in the dark period (November - February).

    Vanilla is one of the very few useful plants among the orchids and as such was already described by Hernando Cortez, the conqueror of Mexico, in the 16th century as a spice for the cocoa drink reserved for the ruler there. All species are climbing plants, some of which grow very vigorously. Blossoms must be pollinated if they are to bear fruit. Lay out the ripe capsules in a dry place. Soon the whole room will smell like vanilla!

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    Vanilla planifolia
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    Vanilla planifolia 'variegated'

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