Bulbophyllum MONTEGORA

Bulbophyllum MONTEGORA

Bulbophyllum MONTEGORA

TW: 16-19°C

Primary hybrid from Bulb. ornatissimum with rothschildianum

(Previously offered here as Bulb ornatissimum(?))

Care tips:

In summer, no direct sunlight at midday. In winter, as much light as possible. Staying outdoors during the summer is good for the plant.

During the day 20 – 25°C, at night down to 15°C. In winter the temperature can drop to 12°C; this will result in better flowering.

In summer, keep the planting material moist. In winter, water well-dry plants moderately.

During the growth period from March to October, feed orchid fertilizer every 14 days
Do not fertilize during the low-light period (November – February).

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