Coelogyne x bufordienese

Coelogyne x bufordienese

Coelogyne x bufordienese

T: 14-18°C

Coelogyne x bufordiense is a natural hybrid of asperata and pandurata

Care tips:

A window seat that is bright and not too warm. Most species also do well outdoors in a sheltered spot.

One must distinguish three groups:
Group 1 around Coel. speciosa, which must be warm and humid all year round (20 – 25°C).
Group 2 around Coel. massangeana that is content with 15 – 20°C.
Group 3 around Coel. cristata, which likes to be outdoors in summer and in winter at around 10°C.

According to the temperature:
Group 1: Keep moist all year round without waterlogging. Of course, a little less in winter when there is little light.
Group 2: Humid in summer, slightly drier in winter without causing the plants to shrink.
Group 3: moist in summer, hardly water at all in winter. But don't let it shrink either.

During the growth phase from March to October every 14 days with orchid fertilizer

Do not fertilize when there is little light (November - February).

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