Cyclamen cilicium

Cyclamen cilicium
Cyclamen cilicium

Cyclamen cilicium

K: 8-14°C

The so-called Anatolia cyclamen tolerates temperatures below 0°C for short periods, but is therefore not necessarily hardy. The compact-growing plant develops beautiful, heart-shaped, marbled foliage after the summer dormancy and flowering. It is ideal for small pots/tubs.

At the moment (September 2021) we are still delivering the plants WITHOUT leaves in a 9-pot

  • Location: likes full sun from September to April, semi-shady to dark in summer
  • Substrate: permeable mixtures such as cactus soil, potting soil with bird sand
  • Watering: Allow to dry between waterings during flowering, watering only occasionally in summer
  • Fertilize: Occasionally from August to December, not in the first year after repotting
  • Temperature: Not below 0 °C for long periods
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