Leptotes bicolor

Leptotes bicolor
Leptotes bicolor
Leptotes bicolor

Leptotes bicolor

TW: 16-19°C

grows very well tied up and also in a warm, not too humid terrarium

Care tips:

A window seat that is bright and warm. Shade only when the leaves are more than lukewarm in the sunlight. In summer also outdoors in a sheltered place.

Medium temperature range 15 – 25°C. 14°C should not be below and
25°C must not be exceeded. With little light also less heat.

Only water vigorously again until the water runs out of the pot when the plant material has dried (become light-colored). Use lukewarm water that is not very hard or boiled. Don't leave it in the water! Keep a little scarcer in winter, but hardly any rest time.

During the growth phase from March to October every 14 days with orchid fertilizer. In the dark period (November - February)
do not fertilize.

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