Lycaste aromatica

Lycaste aromatica
Lycaste aromatica

Lycaste aromatica

T: 14-18°C

Lycastes shed their leaves in the fall and go into hibernation. In early spring, they first produce their flowers before new bulbs with foliage grow.

Lycaste aromatica has a beautiful cinnamon scent!

Care tips:

Protect from strong sunlight and heat in summer, avoid dry air. Staying in the shade of trees in a garden, in a sheltered spot, is good for them. As bright as possible in winter.

In summer indoors 18 – 30°C during the day, dropping to 10°C at night. In winter consistently about 15 - 18°C.

Water plentifully during growth, but do not waterlog. Never let it dry out completely, even during the winter rest period.

During the growth phase from March to October every 14 days with orchid fertilizer
Do not fertilize in the dark period (November - February).

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