Oncidium cheirophorum

Oncidium cheirophorum
Oncidium cheirophorum

Oncidium cheirophorum

T: 14-18°C

A beautiful, compact Oncidium, also grows well when tied up, fragrant !

Care tips:

Bright and sunny. A slightly shaded spot in the garden is also possible in summer.

In summer, temperatures are around 25°C during the day, dropping to 15 – 20°C at night.
In winter, temperatures of around 18°C ​​during the day and 15°C at night are sufficient.

In summer, when the new shoots are growing, the plant material is always kept moist, but should not be soaked that it is soaked. Therefore, water it thoroughly and allow the water to drain away again. In winter and after flowering, the plant is left to rest. Only water enough to prevent the bulbs from shrinking too much.

During the growth period from March to October, feed orchid fertilizer every 14 days
Do not fertilize during the low-light period (November – February).

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