Oncidium maculatum

Oncidium maculatum

Oncidium maculatum

T: 14-18°C

Care Tips:

Bright and sunny. A slightly shaded spot in the garden is also possible in summer.

In summer, 25°C during the day, dropping to 15 – 20°C at night.
In winter, about 18°C ​​during the day and 15°C at night are enough.

In summer, when the new shoot grows, the plant matter is always kept moist, but must not be stagnant. Therefore water vigorously and let the water drain off again. In winter and after flowering, there is a rest period. Only enough water is poured so that the bulbs do not shrink too much.

During the growth phase from March to October every 14 days with orchid fertilizer
Do not fertilize in the dark period (November - February).

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