Phalaenopsis BLOOD MAGIC

Phalaenopsis BLOOD MAGIC

Phalaenopsis BLOOD MAGIC

W: 18-20°C

with TWO panicles

Care tips:

Light to moderate shade. The leaves should not be warmed by the sun more than slightly. Full light in winter. Ideal for the windowsill.

In summer and winter, 20 - 25°C during the day, at least 18°C ​​at night. To encourage flowering, place the plant in a cooler room for about 6 weeks.

In summer, let the planting material dry, then water thoroughly. Allow it to drip dry, do not give it a foot bath in the planter. In winter, water more carefully. Only use water at room temperature.

During the growth phase from March to October, fertilize every 14 days with orchid fertilizer. Do not fertilize during the low-light period (November - February).

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