Tillandsia gardnerii

Tillandsia gardnerii

Tillandsia gardnerii

T: 14-18°C

Tillandsia – Airplant by www.Hennis-Orchideen.de

Tillandsias belong to the bromeliad family, which also includes pineapples. Therefore, this plant family is also called 'pineapple family'. They are native to Central and South America. They live epiphytically, ie perched mainly on trees and rocks. Their roots serve mainly as an adhesive organ.

They need a lot of light, but blazing summer sun should be avoided. From May to October they also love being outdoors in partial shade. If possible, rainwater or soft, low-lime tap water should be used for watering. As a rough rule: spray every other day, or immerse twice a week for a few minutes, please do not do so in the evening as the plants should dry off before the night. Tillandsias like air movement and light fertilizer applications every 3-4 weeks.

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