Vanda sanderiana X do,

Vanda sanderiana X do,
Vanda sanderiana X do,

Vanda sanderiana X do,

TW: 16-19°C

in basket with hanger

Care tip:

Bright to sunny. Avoid direct sunlight in summer. After the Ice Saints, it can also be grown outdoors in light shade.

Room temperature with night-time reduction. When staying outdoors, 10° C should not be
be exceeded for a longer period of time.

For hanging plants, spray or dip the roots daily during the summer months. If the plants are kept in a glass vase indoors for easier care, fill it with water 2-3 times a week and after approx.
Drain again after minutes.

During the summer months from March to October, treat once or twice a month with the specified concentration of orchid fertilizer. The rest of the time, no more than
Fertilize once a month with half of the concentrate

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